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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MUD COLONY IS ONE YEAR OLD !!! that must mean its GIVEAWAY TIME !!

Heeeeeyyyy..guess what ? Mud Colony is ONE !!
Look at that ..3 of there are 45 on the list and around 20ish that post regularly !
My how we've grown....a big THANK YOU  to YOU  if you have posted to Mud Colony, or have SHARED the blog with someone , or are a regular FAN !
I think cause for CELEBRATION !

Leave a comment on this page and the most creative one will WIN a set of 2 of my RETRO ramekins !!!
WINNER will be announced NEXT WEEK HERE on the Mud Colony Blog....

So..better get back to it...theres clay to be tamed...*sound of whip cracking *
Adriana Christianson


  1. Best idea!!! Love your blog and now off to link off my blog :)

  2. I tried to write a limerick,it is pretty bad :) I think I will just resort to BEGGING instead.

    There once was a girl called Tassie Kim
    all she wanted was a ramekin
    The reds caught her eye
    so she sat down and tried
    to be creative and win a ramekin

    1. Awww! Too clever Kim!
      I will like boots :P
      Wash dishes....

    2. sorry...LICK ....not like...though I do like boots too ;)

  3. Awesome!
    Happy Birthday to all and particularly to the Mud Colony mama, ADRIANA! <3
    Great good has come out of this little blog and it's ability to inspire creativity.
    Thank you to everyone who has posted,commented and read the contributions.
    It's a bright spot in my week.

  4. I am very new to the Mud Colony family. Like others, I also look forward to reading all the blogs each week, even though I don't always have time to sit down and write my own every single week. Thanks to those that continue to inspire me. You keep me wanting to go out to my studio and create. Clay is our medium and our sanctuary. It keeps the flow of our creative minds busy and happy. So, a BIG THANKS everyone. Happy Birthday Mud Colony and Congratulations Adrianna for continuing to share your happy, inspiring spirit with us all.

  5. Happy Birthday Mud Colony! Only been posting for a few months and knowing that I have to have something to show each week really keeps me going. So many talented people and such amazing work to aspire to.

  6. Mud Colony began as Adriana's inspiration from clay
    Then new colonists joined day by day
    and when they turned ONE
    they were having so much FUN
    that the clay world joined in to say
    Mud Colony Happy First birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  7. One year! I had no idea 'cos I was a late joiner....but I'm amazed at how much it's grown in the short time that I've been a member! You never cease to amaze me Adriana. I swear you don't sleep, you don't eat, you're just this amazing superwoman, devoted to all things potty! :) There are no words to express my appreciation for all that you do and best of lucky am I to have met you! Here's to another year...bigger and better!

  8. My post was too late to make it up here. BIG CONGRATULATIONS! for a job well done! You have given us a really special place to gather.


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