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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well , after all the enthusiasm for the first birthday celebrations ..there is a WINNER ... (Drumroll ) ...the winner of our First Birthday Giveaway Prize is...
Kim Foale for her lovely heartfelt limerick ...
"There once was a girl called Tassie Kim
all she wanted was a ramekin
The reds caught her eye
so she sat down and tried
to be creative and win a ramekin"..
Kim , I need you to email me your postage details so I can forward the ramekins to you,Congratulations ,and thank you for all the lovely kind wishes and everyone's continued support & interest in Mud Colony !!


  1. Congrats Kim!!! Great limmerick!! Enjoy your ramekins!

  2. Thank you very much to exist Mud Colony!!! ^^

  3. If that's the winner, I'd hate to see the losing entries...


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