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Monday, November 5, 2012

Look...we're REAL !

Above from right to left..Sadhana Peterson, Katy Mitchell,  Adriana Christianson, Anna Ryland ,Therese (Anna's friend from Port Hacking Potters)  
As you might know , Mud Colony collects potters from all over the planet , all sharing the happenings in our studios. A lot of us  work by ourselves , and many of us HAVEN'T met FOR REAL before !
So sometimes the Internet world might seem pretty surreal ,and  others might think your Internet 'friends'
don't actually exist ..well here's PROOF ..we DO !!

The lovely  Katy Mitchell participated in the Eveleigh Artisans Market so a few of us Mud Colony people decided to surprise her ..and we DID was FABULOUS..and a few of us who hadn't met FOR REAL
did as well !

So,there you have it...feels like family..our Mud Colony Family ..

See you Thursday ,when the link re opens for the week

Adriana Christianson


  1. That's great...where was this? I enjoy posting with you all, and will try to do the bio soon!

  2. I am definately going to make the effort to get along to that Market soon.

  3. It was fantastic to catch up with you Adriana, and meet some other potters. The pottery on display was great, it was a bonus to see what everyone else is doing.

  4. Great you all could meet! :)
    It's always fun to meet internet friends in real life :)

    Greetings from another side of the globe :)


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