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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two years of MUD COLONY !!!

 A couple of years ago , I started a little blog with a BIG heart called Mud Colony .
I was participating in another community blog called  My Creative Space, which is where the idea occurred to me .
'Creatives' & 'Crafters' added the  link to their   blog to showcase what they had been making that week in their studio .
I decided there was a need for a CERAMICS blog in a similar vein , and MC was born !! 
That very first post there were three of us , and now two years on there are 60 potters on the list with approximately 10-18 adding weekly .

So a few months ago I made the difficult decision to not continue with the blog in 2014 , as moderating was taking up lots of  studio time - also the link tool needed to be manually  added every week(which was making me INSANE!).

I believe that when the subscription to the LINKY tool runs out that the individual linkups on the PAGE  will not work BUT go to THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THIS PAGE and the BLOGROLL will  still take you
to the latest post by individual artists ! (phew!)
THANK you to all the participants ,and regular MC followers !!
Especially for all the ridonkulously kind comments this week - totally over the top , but heartfelt and much appreciated !!! 
I have made some life long friends , and look forward to staying connected through our individual blogging   !!
Any inquiries regarding contacting members may be emailed to me HERE 
My studio is open this weekend so Id best SCOOT !!
Happy Christmas and big hugs to my Mud Colony buddies !!
Here's looking at YOU xx

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NEXT week is our LAST blog post !!!!!

The very gorgeous Annie Moncrieff  is making incredibly detailed work at the moment, check out her BLOG or FACEBOOK  page Annie Jeans Pottery !!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Belinda Stanton is a regular contributor to Mud Colony with her blog BELINISM
Check out her glorious work !!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Amy Orsatti has some gorgeous new plates on her blog..... have you seen her work?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lori Buff is a super regular contributor to Mud Colony.... she's doing great stuff this week ! Check out her BLOG

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Go on, have a look at the lovely Georgia Harvey's work ,shes FAB (Here's her  BLOG )


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SUPER exciting news from Rachel!!
Check out her BLOG !!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Katy Mitchell has NEWS !!
Check out her BLOG !!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 One of our Mud Colony  Potters- Angela Walford .... Check out her blog !

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What do you love the most about being a potter/ceramist/clayworker?
I love the process. I incorporate a lot of found objects into my art, so initially finding a piece
starts the process. I love being able to manipulate the clay (hopefully) to embrace my

What inspires you ?
The ocean, the shore, things that are washed up whether made by man or nature and I’ ve found
 some really cool stuff in peoples back sheds as well l!

Tell us about the processes involved in producing your work ?
Usually (but not always) I find a washed up object, be it wood, shell, bone etc., and that forms the idea.
Then I enlarge that idea in my journals and see what the piece will need to come alive.

I mainly use porcelain for my work as sometimes I don’t glaze, and I like the finish of
porcelain, also I can manipulate the clay to a very fine consistency which is good for

the type of sculptural work I do. Then I bring it all together and hope for the
best !!!


Sometimes what I envisage doesn't come together, but mostly it does and then once
again I’m hooked on clay !! Its like a forbidden love!!

Describe your studio
My husband built it for me for Mothers Day many years ago and its jammed packed with all the flotsam
& jetsom of a beachcombers life.

 I usually try to have a clean out about every 6 months or so to get rid of things I should
never have looked at in the first place !

How do you market and sell your work?
In the beginning I entered every competition and exhibition I could find and I used to do four fairs a year.
 But now I have narrowed all of that down to a select few per year and I have three outlets in the district
which sell my wares. I find now that I am more established I can concentrate more on what I want to produce  rather than just the bread and butter pieces that are involved with fairs etc.

Has joining MUD COLONY BLOG had any impact on your blogging?
I check in once a week to Mud Colony for my fix on what everyone else is doing. It can be a
rather solitary life in the studio, so Mud Colony is an absolute treasure to have found.
 I find with my own blog that it inspires me to work harder and also to hone my skills with photography
and beachcombing, so I can show it all off. !!! Its also easy to go back over to see what I,
 myself have done over the year.

Are there any clay blogs that you ALWAYS look at ,and why?
I flick through alot of different blogs which I have listed on my site. Its always interesting to peek
in someones blog window !!

Best piece of advice you have been given about your practice ?
Don't be afraid to expand and try different ideas !

What would be YOUR advice to someone just beginning clay work  ?
Put your work into every competition and exhibition you can afford to enter.
You get good feedback and good experience in dealing with galleries ,and you learn to accept
criticism .
After you have gained more experience you can eliminate the ones that don’t work for you.

How do you balance your time between studio/bookwork/marketing/LIFE?
I haven't figured that out YET!

Tracie is a regular contributor to Mud Colony with her blog    T.J Art .Ceramics  
and can be contacted via EMAIL 

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This is the last week that one of our founding  members  Katy Mitchell will be in Australia, before she heads back home to the United Kingdom after 5 years of living in Australia !
We wish her all the very best in her travels and look forward to EVENTUALLY seeing some interesting blog posts about her new clay adventures!! You can leave Katy a message BELOW  in the comments section , or follow the links to contact her via email for a more detailed adeiu !
A big Australian HUG for you Katy , from all of us at Mud Colony xx

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