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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Featured Mud Colony Blogger-Marian Williams !!

MC;  What do you love the most about being a potter/ceramist/clayworker?
MW:  I LOVE my hands in clay – the rich, sensuous sensation that relaxes my soul!
MC: What inspires you ? 
MW:Other potters, glorious glazes, colour!!! I’m a huge fan of vibrant colour- especially rich blues, reds, greens.  Food also inspires me.  I want to eat it, serve it, present it on gloriously glazed, beautiful pieces of art.  
MC: Tell us about the processes involved in producing your work ?  
MW:  I’m a cone 10 gas reduction potter, so my process to the point of firing is like any other potter-get some clay, make some pots, bisque fire (electrically), wax, glaze, then….the magic begins.  I have always longed to be able to fire cone 10 reduction, but only in the past year and a half, have I had access to my own gas kiln.  This means that I can fire when I want, and how I want, reduce when I want, unload when I want-HUGE advantage!!!!  I’m just now in the process of getting my glazing and work back to the quality and consistency that I had when firing electric, but the joy of the magic of gas reduction is worth the struggle!

 MC:Describe your studio
MW: My studio is in the old workshop area of the former Tree Tops Eco Center (Griffith Furniture) outside of Murwillumbah.  I have the splendid fortune to have tons of work space, a barn, outside areas, and a nice little compact area to call “my studio”.  It’s basically heaven.  Video of my work day and studio is HERE
MC: How do you market  and sell your work? 
MW: At present, I have only sold my work through the gallery at Tweed Arts Unlimited at Banora Point, NSW.
MC: How did you find Mud Colony?And  what impact ,( if any), has it had on your
MW: I’m a blogger, facebooker, stalker of the net, so don’t remember the exact moment.  But it was through one of these social networking sites that I connected with Adriana…and the rest is history!
  I have connected with potters around the world, some that are very famous and that I adore, because I have mentioned them in a blog post and of course, let them know and asked their permission.  I have yet to have anyone turn me down!  In response, many have continued to correspond with me, invited me to their studios, and given expert advice.  That is in addition to the daily kudos and inspiration received and given by other potters and folks that read my blog.  It connects me to the pottery world in a way that could not be done otherwise. I look forward to meeting my blogging acquaintenances in person, but if I never do, that is ok too!
MC: Are there any  clay blogs that you ALWAYS look at ,and why?  
MW: Yes, and because they are sooooo good, well written, inspirational! 
All of Mud Colony – because is it all on one page, updated weekly, people that are passionate about pottery and blogging, etc.
 Dick Lehman - - eloquent, fab work, iconic
 A Fine Mess – Lori Watts - dependable, consistent, funny, good info
 MC: What would be YOUR advice to someone just beginning their practice?
MW:ENJOY your work!  Don’t stress and be free to explore!  It is art, a passion, and if it becomes your livelihood, then treat it like a business and act like a business person.  Be professional, get involved with every clay group that you can, blog, follow blogs, search the internet, connect on social media, go to any workshop that you can, work consistently and HARD!  You will get there!  That is what I’m doing now!  I will get there!

Marian Willams contributes to Mud Colony regularly her blog  'A Love Affair with Clay'
or check out her Facebook page !!

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