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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Featured Mud Colony Artist/Blogger- Debby Gower

 MC; What do you love the most about being a potter/ceramist/clayworker?
DG;    I love the feel of the clay between my fingers and the endless possibilities of clay and glaze

 MC: What inspires you ? 
DG; Australian Flora and Fauna. Book Titles, images of ceramics, art and artists from all over the world – Facebook is fab for this!

 MC:  Tell us about the processes involved in producing your work ?  
DG; First I will see and image or a word that will inspire me and I think "Oh – how can I represent that in clay?"-" Can I adapt or rework theimage into a new work?And if I am really inspired can I rework it or put it with something else to convey amessage?
 After consulting my hundreds of Ceramic books and technical notes etc,  its time to makea few tests to see if it will work.  Thena couple of mistakes, few more tests, couple of  re adjustments, a few more learning experiences, minor disaster maybe, more work, more work and more work and then if I am lucky the kiln will pleasantly surprise me with one or more beautiful pieces.  Eg the 'Orchid Proof Fence' and'Banksias'.

                                                   ' Living Next Door to Ellis'-  Exhibition 2011
  MC: Describe your studio
DG;  Full, cluttered, a studio well lived in and full of “I might need that one day” inspirations and surprise!!
image by Deb Lengjel

MC: How do you market  and sell your work?
DG;  My life circumstances mean I study a lot and I usually make work for assignments, exhibitionsor on request. 
'The Glass Ceiling ' (Glass, Porcelain 45 cm x 45cm 2011 ) -from the exhibition ' Living Next Door to Ellis'

MC:  Are there any clay blogs that you ALWAYS look at,and why?
DG;  Mud Colony blogs – because they are the ones that I feel aconnection to – and Tammy Jo 365 days of clay cups – She is an inspiration andsuch a wonderful person !
'Banksias Three'-from the exhibition ' Living Next Door to Ellis'

MC: How did you find Mud Colony?And  what impact ,( if any), has it had on your
Facebook i think,- and loved it.  I love the concept, the friendship,the seeing what other wonders are happening out there in the Mud Colony world.  I know there are other sole potters/ceramistsout there that love clay just as much as I do. My blogging was not regular before MC – since I never thought I had much to say unless I had a piece in an exhibition. I was so wrong.  I learn't from my other colonists that its not about saying something momentous (although some colonists do have momentous things to share) – Its about sharing the ups and the downs, the inspirations and the discoveries.  A colony of mud lovers –sharing what they love. Since Mud Colony I blog almost every week/fortnight even if its just to remind people to check out Mud Colony
 MC; Best piece of advice you have been given about your practice ?
DG;  Just do, play, make, practice – Don’t give up – Don’t giveup,  Don’t give up – Keep trying. Try something new !!
                                       ' Beyond the Bookcase' - Byron Writers Festival 2010
MC: What would be YOUR advice to someone justbeginning their practice? 
DG; Do it because you love it and no matter what anyone else thinks or says – If you love playing with clay – keep on playing !
Debby is a regular contributor to Mud Colony with her blog  deborahgowerceramics


  1. I absolutely love your lustre work!!! Great interview!

  2. Your work is gorgeous! I absolutely love your glazes on your functional pieces and your sculptural pieces are amazing! Great interview! I am off to do, play, make and practice! Great advice!

  3. Wonderful range of work and a great interview.

  4. I am a big fan of banksias and yours are truly gorgeous, thanks for sharing your mud!


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