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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


  1. Hi Thanks again for hosting this. I am incredibly absentminded and would have forgotten if you hadn't put the link up on facebook. I have linked to some photos I took of my most recent work that I posted on my blog on Sunday. Next week I will try and write a special blog post, a studio recap thingy. Specifically to link up with you. I will try and visit everyone over the next couple of days cheers Kim.

    1. hey Kim, it doesn't have to be a special post,fer goodness sake,we all have enough stuff in our lives to get us in knots on a daily basis (oh hang on ,that might just be ME!) line and a snap is great..then yr more likely to contribute !What you added is fine, just remember to add a link back to Mud Colony in yr post :) Cheers and WAVES

  2. Just a suggestion but you might get more followers if you divided the page layout format into two sections, with links and followers on the right side of the blog and posts on the left with a catchy photo at the top of each blog post. See how Artist in Blogland has their's set up in case my explanation is clear, which it doens't seem to be. Ha. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Oh this looks super and I like the image, working with clay.

  4. Glad you like it Miss Linda !Thanks for yr suggestions !


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